Paymill launches Partner-Program

27 MAY 2015
Munich, 06. May 2015 - With its new Partner portal the online payment provider Paymill creates a platform for merchants, agencies and payment-experts. It allows partners to offer customers help with the integration of Paymill. Furthermore partners get a personal consultant for themselves and their customers. More than 200 partners profit from the advantages of the portal already.

Paymill, one of the leading FinTech-Startups in Europe, offers an easy-to-integrate online payment solution for online-shops and mobile applications. With paymill merchants across Europe are able to accept creditcard payments and alternative payment methods worldwide and in more than 100 currencies. With launching the Partner-Program Paymill complemented their existing website by a Partner portal ( The portal is primarily aimed at webshop specialists who support customers with integrating Paymill as an online payment provider.

One of the first partners to join the program was digital:cube. The agency from Cologne offers internet applications and e-business solutions and also supports one of the biggest scooter rental companies in Southern Europe, Cooltra Motos. When setting up an own booking platform for Cooltra Motos, digital:cube was looking for an easy-to-implement online payment solution apart from PayPal. During testing they realized huge differences in regards to features and quality of the solutions.

In the end we decided for Paymill because we liked its easy implementation, the seamless integration and the stable functionality, which turned the topic of online payment from a problem to something that simply works and allows you to concentrate on the business logic”, says Jean Wichert, CEO of digital:cube.

The result of the cooperation, which Wichert described as “solution-orientated and uncomplicated”, got visible quickly: “Immediately after the implementation of Paymill PayPal fell back on second place of most used payment method and credit card took the lead. Today the picture is clear: 66% of Cooltra’s customers use credit card payment via Paymill to pay their scooter”, Wichert summarizes.

We not only offer an easy way to implement different payment methods but also personally support our partners with their running project. This support reaches from setting up a profile of requirements over to the technical integration until setting up and maintaining the merchant accounts, which are necessary to accept credit card payments”, Marc Fischer, who is responsible for Paymill’s Partner-Program, emphasizes.

Apart from a personal consultant Paymill also offers an online dashboard, which allows partners to manage all their clients in one place. As soon as a merchant engaged a partner to implement Paymill, the partner can find all relevant information about the merchant on this dashboard. Moreover, all partners get listed on the platform and can be sorted by different categories like country or shopsystem. This allows potential clients to find the right webshop specialist for themselves on the partner-platform.

About Paymill:

Paymill’s developer friendly REST API lets you accept credit and debit card payments directly in your website and mobile application. Available across Europe, online businesses are able to accept online payments globally, enabling them to scale internationally from the get-go. The API gives full control of the checkout. Thus you can deliver a user experience optimized for higher conversions. And with heavy-duty security measures already built in – you can rest easy knowing your data secured.

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