International Hot Dog Day - meet the hottest dogs using dating apps


Berlin, July 23rd. As international hot dog day is on, the world celebrates its most famous sausage dish; at Tindog, however, we prefer to celebrate real dogs by presenting you here with the hottest (or at least, cutest) furry friends using our app. Tindog, the new "Tinder for dogs", lets owners swipe left or right through other dog profiles to find a playdate for their pooch - because dogs too are looking for love.

Here are the hottest dogs on the dating app:

1. Alvin from Berlin. This adorable pug lives in Hipster central - a.k.a. Berlin (Germany).
While other pugs often seem clumsy and out-of-puff, Alvin loves to run around all day and never seems to get tired. Which is fortunate really - his snoring is matched only by his fun personality. Alvin can’t wait to meet the dog that will take his breath away.

2. Daisy from London. Daisy is a sweet “Chorkie” from London who, though proud of her exotic Chihuahua-Yorkshire Terrier heritage, is totally convinced that she is human. A very happy human though - Daisy’s unconditional happiness about, well, everything makes her an instant hit with pets and owners alike. So if you want to secure a date with this cheeky lady, you’d better get your skates on!

3. Holly from Vienna. Sassy Pitbull Holly certainly knows how to make an appearance, so her propensity for posing comes as no surprise. However, this beautiful pooch is more than just a pretty face; Holly is caring, sweet and always up for a romantic stroll along the river. Don’t be fooled by her overall affability though - Holly sure knows how to bark!

4. Toro from Seattle. Intelligent, strong and mysterious, Toro is the canine world’s hunk supreme. Toro’s Shiba-Inu heritage has bred in him an intriguing combination of “my father was a Japanese hunting dog”-esque focus with a certain catlike independence. Fun fact: Toro loves to clean himself and is meticulous about his environment. If your apartment is dirty, he simply will not stay there.

5. Sara from Warsaw. The sun is always shining for this sociable Spaniel. Nothing appeals to her more than Warsaw’s great outdoors, and she seeks a fellow nature lover with whom she can explore hidden dens. After a long day out, the odd sausage snack never goes amiss - luckily Poland has an ample supply!

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