Google's new mobile-only strategy: German Startup AddApptr selected as one of Certified Publishing Partners

Exklusive Cooperation

Hamburg based mobile advertising specialist AddApptr is one of a few selected companies to participate in the Certified Publishing Partner (CPP) program. AddApptr is the first pure mobile companies to be part of the program.The company manages advertising revenue optimisation for app and mobile web publishers.

„We are proud to be part of the first group of companies in the CPP. We’ve put in a lot of work to become experts on Google products such as DoubleClick AdExchange, the world’s largest RTB exchange. It’s a great reward to be elected for this program. It further strengthens our leading position in mobile ad revenue optimisation. We will also have access to increased support, training and other resources at Google, which at the end of the day will result in better revenues for our publishers“ says Patrick Kollmann, AddApptr CEO.

Apart from offering a single SDK integration for all major ad networks and RTB Exchanges, the company also assists publishers on a variety of services, such as setting up and managing accounts, billing and reporting issues, consulting on different ad formats and tech integration questions, and many other things.

This unique service level is of great importance, especially for our premium media publishers“ adds Patrick. „The mobile advertising space is still evolving quickly, and for larger companies, it’s important to stay on top of things. Our solution allows premium publishers to work very dynamically, using a wide range of Ad Servers, Ad Networks and RTB partners. As more and more publishers open their inventory to mobile RTB, we feel that having this type of flexibility is crucial to be successful in the long run. Publishers will look to monetize via direct campaigns, private marketplaces, open RTB auctions and AdNetwork mediation.“

Publishers interested in working with AddApptr can easily register on More information can also be found on on the CPP website:

About AddApptr

The German-based company AddApptr is one of the leading providers for a Supply Side Platform (SSP) of in-app-advertising. It focuses on RTB-marketplaces, which already provides 70 % of total advertising revenues on AddApptrs network. It’s the only SKD-Solution, that brings all international RTB-platforms and AD-networks together in one integration. All major sales and performance data can can be displayed on one dashboard.

Through automatic revenue optimization AddApptr achieves the highest advertising revenues for App-Publishers, by saving time with an easy integration. The mediation platform is already integrated in more than 2.000 Apps and delivers billions of ad-impressions per month.

The Team of AddApptr has longstanding experience in mobile business and offices in Hamburg and Paris.

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